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New list: debian-ia64 (was: Intent to port to ia64)

Daniel Schepler wrote:
> I wish to create a port of Debian GNU/Linux to ia64
> (http://www.linuxia64.org/).  Since I just started the NM process,
> I'll need a sponsor once I start creating packages.  Right now,
> though, all I've done yet is bootstrap a very minimal native runtime
> environment, and I'm waiting to hear back from the SourceForge compile
> farm people so I can test it and start expanding it.

Since there were several attempts to port the Debian system to
the IA64 architecture, I've created another architectur specific
list for this architecture.  As usual the list is called like the
architecture, namely debian-ia64@lists.debian.org.  Subscription
is handled as usual by using the -REQUEST method.  The subscription
page on the webserver should be up-to-date during the next few

For processing: It may be a good idea to start the port "somewhere"[1]
and create an apt-get/dpkg-ftp'able area outside of ftp.debian.org.
When the port begings to stabilize and a stable basis of packages
is ready request a new architecture to be added to ftp.debian.org.

Without having spoken to flo recently, I'm sure he would be glad
to donor space for this port to rfc822.org as well.  The mips
ports are there already.



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