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Re: All of sudden, the Spanish PO debconf templates is getting full of alien translators :-)


El 12 de mayo de 2023 9:52:02 CEST, "Camaleón" <noelamac@gmail.com> escribió:
>It seems something is happeing on Spanish debconf templates.
>The stats page is showing a lot of alien translators and old bugs :-)
>Can someone please take a look on this?
>Thank you,

Maybe this issue in the Spanish dashboards is related to the report #1035960 about issues in the German dashboards:


I will try to investigate both issues but any help is welcome.

If any of you is sure about the last date when you saw things were working well, please tell, so I can try to learn what happened since then that could cause the issue.

Kind regards

Laura Arjona Reina
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