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bookworm and the release notes

Dear all,

As I hope you are all aware, we are rapidly approaching of the release of Debian 12 'bookworm'. This means that we also want to get the release notes [1, 2] for bookworm into shape and translated.

Following the process that I proposed and used during the buster and bullseye release, I propose the following, if people have time to help out:

* l10n-english could do a review of the current text of all chapters. That said, there haven't been much textual changes since the buster and bullseye releases and the changes outside of issues.dbk have already been reviewed. issues.dbk, and maybe whats-new.dbk, will keep receiving updates during the releasing process, so the other files make more sense to check first. I hope all members that want to contribute to the review of proposed changes can also subscribe to merge request notifications in the salsa interface [3], such that proposals that don't go via the bts still get the proper attention. Bug reports in the bts are sent to debian-doc@lists.debian.org, so consider subscribing to that list (or to the release-notes pseudo package) if you want to help drafting or reviewing incoming texts. Outstanding bugs [4] could do with triaging, proposing texts, etc too.

* Translation teams can start making sure translations are up-to-date, I suggest starting with the about.dbk, installing.dbk, old-stuff.dbk, moreinfo.dbk and release-notes.dbk files. issues.dbk, and whats-new.dbk, will receive updates probably until after the release, but most changes should really be new texts as I avoid gratuitous rewording.

I have seen updates to translations flowing in already, so I understand at least some teams have direct access. I *guess* I can grant other teams access if they request it. Since the archive is maintained in git changes can be submitted with merge requests. Filing bug reports in the bts against the release-notes package remain a supported option as well.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or remarks.

Let's get ready for the release.


[1] https://salsa.debian.org/ddp-team/release-notes
[2] https://www.debian.org/releases/bookworm/releasenotes
[3] on [1] hit drop-down menu next to the bell-sign and select what you
find appropriate
[4] https://bugs.debian.org/release-notes

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