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Re: Broken diff output in DDTSS


Le 02/09/2021 à 22:35, Thomas Vincent a écrit :
> Thank you both for your help.
> I will try to have a look at this issue next week-end.
> There is also the problem of dak not being happy with our translations
> since the Bullseye release. It may be related to this bz2 to xz move.

Quick status update:

As usual, it took me a longer than expected to have something working.

It looks like the xz files are now downloaded and handled correctly, but
I am still not sure everything works fine.

You may have noticed that the « Arf Arf » messages stopped today. I had
to run a script manually for that and I think we will receive more « Arf
Arf » tomorrow. Something in the daily update script still doesn't work
and I'm struggling to find out what it is, because everything runs fine
in my VM.

Speaking about VM, I am also preparing a Vagrantfile so that anyone can
quickly set up and hack their own DDTSS instance. Let me know if you're
interested in testing it and I'll publish it ASAP.

Kind regards,

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