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Re: DDTP - link 'fetch new description'

Hi Fred,

Le 23/06/2020 à 04:13, Fred Maranhão a écrit :
> Hi,
> it seems for me that the link 'fetch new description'
> (https://ddtp.debian.org/ddtss/index.cgi/pt_BR/fetch) is not working
> as expected. I click in it I received a package description already in
> my 'reviewed by you' section.

Looking at the current pending reviews for pt_BR, I assume that you
experienced it with bsdutils, right?

> I seems to me that this behavior causes no harm, so it's a minor issue.

There's actually a feature to do precisely this: fetch descriptions if
they have not been reviewed in a given number of days. But this number
of days is normally set to 15 [1] and looking at bsdutils, it was merely
1 day before the description was fetched again.


We're currently not sure about what happened but we'll look into it and
keep you informed.

Thanks for this report and for your work on pt_BR!


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