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Re: moved pages in www.debian.org (awards, merchandise) and outdated translations

An update on this.
We had to move again the awards page.
Now it's in english/News/awards/index.wml

I will try to sync translations later and remove the */News/awards.wml but if you want and can deal with your language until that moment, just go ahead (and thanks!).

My suggestion on how to update would be (example for spanish)

cd webwml
copypage.pl -l spanish english/News/awards/index.wml

(Edit the index.wml copying the content (except headers) of spanish/News/awards.wml. Update if needed)
Save, commit the spanish/News/awards/* files
git rm spanish/News/awards.wml
git commit
git push

Hints: if your current awards.wml file includes "maxdelta=1 mindelta=1" tags, it's because it was outdated already. Please compare with the English version manually. If not, it was up to date and you only need to sync one URL that changed (see https://deb.li/i2D5F ).

Sorry again for the inconveniences.

El 18 de julio de 2019 20:26:56 CEST, Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> escribió:
>Dear translators
>We recently removed the /misc folder in www.debian.org, relocating the
>interesting content in other areas.
>Thus the old /misc/awards.wml file now it's in /News/awards.wml, and
>/misc/merchandise.wml file is in /events/merchandise.wml
>We have moved the translations too, but the outdated translations could
>not be built because the translation-check header was pointing to a
>commit in the old file/location, not present now.
>I've workarounded this making them point to a former commit of the new
>files, so the translations get built and include the warning about the
>translation being outdated.
>But now looking at the git diff in order to update your translation
>won't give you useful info :/
>This mail is to apologise for that and to ask you to compare directly
>the text between the english and your language files, when you decide
>update your translation.
>Sorry for the inconveniences, for the future case where we need to move
>files we'll try to find a better solution.
>Kind regards,

Laura Arjona Reina
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