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Please translate or update translations: web pages related to the Debian 10 (buster) release

Dear translators

We're about to publish Debian 10 (buster) as stable release, and that
involves some small changes in some web pages related to buster and
other releases.

Please have a look at these pages in your language folder of the webwml
repo, and sync with the English ones, if needed:

english/News/2019/20190706.wml (this is the press release)

This way we will avoid the translated pages to be marked as obsoleted
(showing the yellow warning to visit the original page in English).

The changes in the English folder (nor translations) are not published
yet but you can build locally to see the pages (with make) or have a
look at https://www-staging.debian.org/

I will try to update www-master as we get the commits in the website, so
when we finally push to mirrors the website (when the buster image tests
are ready), we show as much as updated translations as possible.

Laura Arjona Reina

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