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Re: Handling Japanese new era "令和 (Reiwa)"

[Dropping debian-devel, adding debian-wine]


On 17.04.19 13:53, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> On 12/04/2019 10:32, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
>> On 09/04/2019 02:18, Hideki Yamane wrote:
>>>   I've noticed that Japan renews its era from 平成 (Heisei) to 令和
>>> (Reiwa)
>>>   (U+32FF) at 1st May and it's necessary to update some packages to deal
>>>   with it.
[...]>> I've uploaded 12.0.0 to unstable; 12.1 is not officially
released yet.
>> unicode-data itself is small and easy to validate, but the following
>> packages will need to be rebuilt as they build-depend on unicode-data
>> (and typically hard-code the tables internally):
> I've uploaded unicode-data 12.1.0~pre1-1 to experimental.
> This includes Unicode-data 12.0.0 updated with the Reiwa changes from
> 12.1.0 directory on Unicode-data; there is no official 12.1.0 release yet.
> The way unicode-data is patched/built, the changed files are in the
> upstream tarball UCD.zip ( + allkeys.txt and depcomp.txt). So I've put a
> file debian/reiwa.patch in the debian dir to document the changes. Only
> the files changing for ReiWa are changing (from what I can tell, the
> only changes in the other files in the upstream are version
> numbers/dates in comment lines on other other files).
> Please test if this is suitable for Buster.

I successfully rebuilt src:wine/4.0-1 and src:wine-development/4.2-2
with unicode-data 12.1.0~pre1-1 from experimental.

This requires a trivial update of the versioned build-dependency on
unicode-data.  But contrary to some previous updates, previous
unicode-data 12 seems to be easy, not changing its structure and thus
not requiring changes in Wine.

So I think Wine is ready for whatever course you choose from here:
a patched unicode-data 11 could be done with a binNMU,
unicode-data 12.1 with a trivially updated sourceful upload.


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