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Bug#887107: improvements to dl10n-check - MERGED

Hello all
I have finished my brief review of the commits of the merge request, and
everything looked fine to me.
I have not a test setup here, and I guess we have not much to loose, so I have
merged the code and made "git pull" in tye.debian.org
I still have to send a diff to DSA
) so the package libfile-slurp-perl gets installed in tye (will do it in the
next hours).

And then, in the next days, let's see how the new script works, and hopefully
remove the packages that were listed as exceptions. I'll keep the bug report

Thanks Pino for your work, and sorry for the long delay!

Laura Arjona Reina

El 05/05/18 a las 09:14, Pino Toscano escribió:
> Hi l10n people,
> (please CC me, I'm not subscribed to debian-i18n@, or #887107)
> noticing the problems when extracting files (mostly translations) from
> sources, few months ago I reworked dl10n-check a little bit, and it
> ought to work better now.
> I sent all these improvements to a single merge request on salsa:
> https://salsa.debian.org/l10n-team/dl10n/merge_requests/1
> I think I described my commits, and my MR description, well-enough --
> but of course feel free to ask, comment, and try it in case.
> (I have other improvements for dl10n.git, but let's get this biggest
> chunk first.)

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