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Re: Joining to ukrainian translators

Hello Alexander, welcome!

El 07/06/18 a las 19:22, Alexander Khodos escribió:
> Good day, fellow translators,
> I want to participate in translating Debian in ukrainian, but as i see,
> there is no language team for ukrainian.
> Can you "point me to individuals working on Debian translations" in my
> language?

>From the website team:

There is some info here:


some more names here:


and in the .po files of the website you can find names and emails of the
last translators:


(please have a look also at the commit log/dates, to see if those
persons were active recently or not).

If after you contact with those people you find out that we need to
update the https://www.debian.org/international/Ukrainian page, please
send a mail to debian-www@lists.debian.org with the updated info (or
commit/send patch/merge request to the webwml repo).

The DDTP web interface (for translating package descriptions) has a
message system, though, so maybe you can send message to the other
translators working there:


(you need to sign up an account to send messages).

>From other areas of translations (documentation, po-debconf
templates...) I cannot tell (maybe others can).

Laura Arjona Reina

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