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Re: Bug#887107: My improvements to dl10n-check

Hi Pino

El 05/05/18 a las 09:14, Pino Toscano escribió:
> Hi l10n people,
> (please CC me, I'm not subscribed to debian-i18n@, or #887107)

> noticing the problems when extracting files (mostly translations) from
> sources, few months ago I reworked dl10n-check a little bit, and it
> ought to work better now.
Thanks for caring! And thank you very much for your work.

> I sent all these improvements to a single merge request on salsa:
> https://salsa.debian.org/l10n-team/dl10n/merge_requests/1
> I think I described my commits, and my MR description, well-enough --
> but of course feel free to ask, comment, and try it in case.

For now, I have "reviewed" (read the text of the commit message, and had
a look at the changes in the code) these commits:

dl10n-check: cache the Text::Iconv objects

dl10n-check: move simple ASCII fallback to subroutine

dl10n-check: make Text::Iconv mandatory

dl10n-check: save DB at end only if needed

dl10n-check: add optional value for --careful

dl10n-check: simplify org type collection

And all of them look good for me, but my Perl skills are very very few,
and I had not time to actually test... so more reviews welcome.

About the new dependency (libtext-iconv-perl) I have checked that it is
already installed in tye.debian.org. If looking at the remaining commits
I find that we need some other dependency and it is not installed, I
will send an RT ticket to DSA asking for it.

I will go on reviewing the commits and will test the "new" dl10n-check
launching manually the process in tye (when there are no other processes
running) and comparing the current and new databases (and running the
other jobs over the new database, to see if everything works ok).

> (I have other improvements for dl10n.git, but let's get this biggest
> chunk first.)

Yes! I hope to put time on this during the week for tests, and I will
report to the bug the results.

Laura Arjona Reina

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