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Bug#887107: [debian-i18n] https://i18n.debian.org/material/data/unstable.gz not updated since 2017-11-23

Package: debian-i18n
Severity: normal
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-www@lists.debian.org

Dear i18n/l10n team

I've seen that this .po file is up-to-date:


Date: 2018-01-13 14:40

But the list of packages is not:


Date: 2017-11-23 14:33

(e.g. that unstable.gz file contains a link to
which does not exist anymore).
So, I think something is failing in the script that generate the
translation material daily. Looking at the git repo, I think the script
that fails is this one:


I've looked at tye.debian.org and I can find error log files in
/srv/i18n.debian.org/log/gen-material/ every day since 2017-11-23 but I
have no idea about which one is the one breaking the process, and how to
fix it. I attach today's log error (summarized, deleting the repeated

I believe this issue is causing some pages in the Debian website (some
of the "Status of PO files for language code" pages,
https://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po/xx.yy.html) to show
outdated info and broken links. There is also a validation error caused
by a bad encoded character in a .po file, which is fixed in the
corresponding package (django-allauth, bug #881727), but still present
in the website due to the pages not being rebuilt because the material
is not updated. For this reason I will disable validation checking in
the problematic languages and will enable it again when this bug is fixed.

If I can be of any help, just tell.

Laura Arjona Reina

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