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Re: Bug#882253: vrms: Typo in package description


On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 01:40:23PM +0100, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
> First of all, the bug is fixed now.

thank you!

> But one more time a basic problem pops up. The maintainer has close to zero
> influence on these translations. A mail to the respective l10n-list
> sometimes
> might also fail as it is also possible that $(random translator) working on
> DDTP is not subscribed to the list.

yes. why don't you ask for a pseudo package in the BTS, so such bugs
could be reassigned there and wont get lost?!

> Another problem is that the corrected version will make it only into
> Sid|Buster,
> as the Translation-xx files are not updated for stable and before.

I'm not sure how easy this is to fix, as this would essentially mean
branching the package description translations, when the English
original changes in sid…

> Feel free to close the bug.

done, thanks again.


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