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reorganization of www.debian.org/partners, and translations

Dear all

We are in the process of reviewing and updating the "partners" section
in the Debian website (bug #844676).

I would kindly ask to begin to update translations.
Here is a summary of how the structure of the section has changed, and
what will change from now on:

1.- The /partners/index.wml file does not contain data about the
companies/organisations that are partners anymore.

2.- We have created a "2015" folder with
** an index.wml file containing similar info as the partners/index.wml
** a partners.data file containing the list of partners as it was in
/partners/index.wml before the reorganization.

If you had a partners/index.wml translated file, you can reuse most of
the content to translate the current 2015 folder, then.

3.- We have created 2016 and 2017 folders with, initially, the same
content as the 2015 one. Later we have committed some changes to the
corresponding partners.data files, mostly minor: removing partners
that are not anymore, or updating logo, links... So it shouldn't be
much work to update the corresponding translations, counting with the
2015 folder updated.

4.- In the following days/weeks we are contacting current partners in
order to review their entries, and we're going to add new partners. So
some descriptions in 2017/partners.data will change.

Feel free to contact me or ping me in IRC if you have any question
about updating the translations, or suggestions to improve the workflow.

Laura Arjona Reina

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