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classified-ads v0.12: Please translate upcoming version

Dear Debian I18N people,

release of new version of classified-ads is approaching and the new
version adds 27 new strings in need of translation to .pot file. 
Classified-ads is a P2P app for discussion forums, messaging, voip 
and search. Upcoming v0.12 adds possibility to extend functionality 
with user-supplied TCL programs and a distributed general-purpose 
database that is shared among operators. 

Currently fi.po and sv.po are complete, all other translations are
more-or-less incomplete. 

Strings to translate can be found at zanata from URL
or in attached .pot file. Zanata shows what strings are already
translated, if you're planning to contribute to partly-translated

Timeframe of actual release (hopefully containing some translated
strings) is maybe ~one month as the database part is still in testing 
and needs work.  If you need .po -files of individual languages or
have any other questions, please take contact. 

Antti Järvinen, doing the testing

Attachment: classified-ads.pot
Description: Localizable strings of classified-ads in POT format

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