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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] shutting down the Debian fonts review

On Tue, 2016-09-20 at 12:02 -0400, Daniel Glassey wrote:

> Since fonts are related to i18n and l10n, it would make sense to me, 
> if possible, for that review to be run on something like 
> i18n.debian.org

I don't think fonts and i18n/l10n should be part of the same service.

> Paul, how much maintainence is there for the font review service?

The existing service is essentially unmaintained, so zero.
The existing service is ugly and poorly architected though.

Here is what I think needs to happen:

 * Plan to start from scratch not just run the existing code somewhere
 * Discuss and write down the high-level goals of the service
 * Discuss and write down the specific features of the service
 * Discuss and write down the proposed architecture of the service
 * Discuss and write down the proposed implementation of the service
 * Start working on the new codebase
 * Talk to tarzeau/aurel32 about the fonts.debian.net domain
 * Put the experimental version online at fonts.debian.net
 * Find a team to maintain the service into the future
 * Talk to DSA about moving it to fonts.debian.org
 * Integrate it with other Debian infra like packages.d.o/tracker.d.o
 * Keep the wiki page up to date throughout this process:


I won't be participating in shepherding this process nor implementation
but I'm happy to inject some ideas where needed.

For example, the new service could replace this wiki page:




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