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Re: ddtp2.debian.net now live

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 10:38 PM, Thomas Vincent <thomas@vinc-net.fr> wrote:
Now it's time to hunt and fix broken scripts, any help is welcome. :)

An ongoing issue while I've using a local /etc/hosts entry for ddtp and now with ddtp2 has been that even though DDTP accepts the translations, they never get into the archive's Translation-xx file. I've just been getting the same Translation-xx file since June or so. Needless to say, new translations have not been appearing on packages.debian.org, either.

A second issue I noticed is when updating a translation, which contains an iframe with the previous version and a diff, the iframe address continues to point to ddtp.d.n, not to ddtp2.d.n, thus nothing is displayed in the iframe.


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