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Re: ddtp.debian.net unreachable

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 23:07:17 +0200, Thomas Vincent wrote:

> Hello dsa members!
> Back in May, the DDTSS service hosted on ddpt.debian.net went down due
> to a host move.
> It went back up soon after but was no longer reachable at the address
> ddtp.debian.net because the IP of the machine changed to
> [1].
> Simon Paillard, who registered this subdomain, has not updated the DNS
> entry since then, even after he was CCed in [2] five weeks ago.
> I assume that by now all translators have updated their /etc/hosts in
> order to workaround this issue.
> Unfortunately, some scripts keep failing since May, which leads for
> instance to lots of annoying failure messages to l10n-devel [3].
> Is there a way to update the current DNS entry for ddtp.debian.net and
> set the situation back to normal without waiting for Simon?
I'd rather not hijack the DNS entry, no.  Can't you get your scripts
(and ftp-master's) updated to use a different host name?


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