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using whiptail and translated strings from arbitrary scripts

It is well documented how developers should create po files for i18n
support in their debconf configuration questions during package install.

What about arbitrary scripts that are run from the command line and
don't use debconf to store the user responses?  How should they interact
with whiptail and translated strings?  Is there either a document
explaining how to do this or any existing script that provides a good

One use case I'm thinking of is the live CD for PGP key management
discussed on debian-devel[1].  After booting, instead of showing a login
prompt on tty1 it will go into a whiptail/dialog interface, like the
installer and ask some questions like:

  Do you want to create a new master key or work with an existing one?

               New key             Existing key

  Has your master key or any subkey been compromised?

        Yes    No    Maybe, I don't remember anything from last night


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