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Re: Pending translation is being filled up

Joe Dalton wrote:
> Hi the Danish page
> http://ddtp.debian.net/ddtss/index.cgi/da
> is being filled up with pending translations from the above IP address (in Austria).
> is that address part of Debian (and a script is on the loose) or is it some suspicious activity.
> Can I somewhere ban ip addresses for the Danish page?

How did you get the IP address?

The German page has the same problem. At the time of writing there are 389 pending descriptions. As the "German team" actually is a one man show this is very demotivating and I would love to see the pending queue flushed as well.

The descriptions are mostly from the bioinformatics, multimedia and science fields. I'm afraid that there is an interested group within Debian behind this »DoS attack«.

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