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Please translate the package classified-ads

Dear Debian I18N people,

new upstream release of classified ads is coming out after release
testing, adding a voice call feature and with that 45 brand new 
strings to translate. 

If translating from scratch to previously unsupported language, total
count of strings is around 700. 

I'm asking for your kind support in bringing this awesome comms tool to
as wide audience as possible. Thanks in advance.

The not-yet-released pot-file is in
and existing translations in the same directory, only finnish
translation is currently complete. Please e-mail me if in need of assistance
of any kind. 

Antti Järvinen
e-mail: antti.jarvinen@katiska.org
address inside classified ads: 6AC2D159AB3A0B0F241DD6D12E4A1673588DD0E8

Attachment: classified-ads.pot
Description: POT file for upcoming release of classified ads

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