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Re: https for i18n.debian.org and l10n.debian.org

Dear all

El 07/02/16 a las 19:20, Laura Arjona Reina escribió:
> Dear all
> I see the machines i18n.debian.org and l10n.debian.org now serve pages
> under https (thanks DSA!), so I've updated the links that appear in
> the Debian website (www.debian.org) to https too.
> The cron scripts used to build the www.debian.org website also have a
> part that download files from i18n.debian.org or l10n.debian.org
> I've updated that script, including  --ca-directory=/etc/ssl/ca-debian
> as DSA recommended. Review of the attached patch is appreciated.
> If I don't see any objections in some days, nor other person applied
> the patch, I would try to apply myself (not sure if I have permissions
> on that repo, and once committed, if somebody has to deploy to some
> Debian machine or it gets automatically deployed).

I cannot push to the repo, seems I have no permissions.
I appreciate if anybody could apply the changes, and hopefully we get an
updated database file used to display l10n stats...


Laura Arjona Reina

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