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[DDTSS] missing information about previous translation with Iceweasel and https

(posting my message to i18n and l10n-devel as I am not sure where it
belongs, sorry for the inconvenience)


In the DDTSS interface, I noticed that the iframe showing information
about previous translations is empty, at least with Iceweasel.

See for instance:


This is due to the iframe loading an http page while the main page is
https. Consequently, Iceweasel blocks it following its "mixed content
blocking" rule (as explained in [1]).

From the translator side, possible workarounds are using http only or
locally disabling mixed content blocking, none of which I find very good.

From the DDTSS side, we could make the iframe link use https when the
main page is also https. It would need changes around line 1383 in
ddtss/ddtss-cgi [2].
I would like to have you opinions about it and am willing to propose a
patch if my poor Perl skills allow me to do so. :)



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