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Re: Problems with building release-notes PDF for Russian

2015-06-03 9:31 GMT+05:00 Lev Lamberov <l.lamberov@gmail.com>:

* cc to debian-doc and debian-i18n

I've found out that building of PDF with Russian translation of Release Notes produces PDF file with some text problems. That is, almost all the text is correct except title, section titles, headers. All these problematic parts of the text contain not Russian characters, but some meaningless stuff. Seems that some fonts, declarations or something else is missing (because it is the only language listed in LANGUAGES variable of Makefile, that uses a cyrillic). I've tried to build on local machine and got the same result. Another strange thing is that PDF file with Russian translation of Release Notes for wheezy is correct, i've tried to figure out the difference in declarations between .po file from wheezy and trunk branches, but seems that everything is the same. I cannot spot the problem. Should I report bug to BTS? In release-notes or debian-i18n?

I tried to build wheezy branch of release-note on jessie machine and got the same problem. Seems that some change in building tools in jessie introduced it. More over, the result of executing

xsltproc --nonet --novalid --xinclude --stringparam draft.mode maybe /home/ktdr/freedom/release-notes/wheezy/dblatex.xsl ru/release-notes.amd64.xml

is still OK. The problem occurs after, say,

dblatex --backend=xetex --style=db2latex --xslt-opts=--nonet --no-external --xsl-user=hyphenation.xsl --param=draft.mode=maybe --param=format=a4 --param=glossterm.auto.link=1 --param=lingua=ru --param=monoseq.hyphenation=nohyphen --output=ru/release-notes.amd64.pdf -

That is, only in resulting PDF.

Further, I tried to play with dblatex options and discovered that changing --style=db2latex to --style=simple or --style=native resolves the problem. That is, title, sections titles, headers are correct with that style. Seems that's a bug in dblatex. Will report it to BTS.


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