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Advice on bug #680109 (proposal would break translations of the website footer)

Dear i18n friends

I would like to gather your advice in order to fix bug #680109 in the
website (www.debian.org)

The bug is about adding a "disclaimer" stating that mails sent to
debian-www are public.

My proposal is to break the current website footer (1 gettext string) in
3 gettext strings, one of them (the one about contacting the website
team) including the disclaimer:


But that change would break all the translations of the website footer
(I counted more than a dozen...). That's why I'm contacting you.

To try to reduce the damage, my idea is to send a mail to the l10n teams
for affected languages right after commiting the patch, so they update
their translations as soon as they can/want.


Laura Arjona

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