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"Recycle" debconf translations for murano/sahara?

Hello fellow Openstack maintainers,

I just noticed that two new packages of yours appeared in the archive,
both of them with familiar debconf templates.

I suspect that instead of having translators start over the
localization work from scratch...or figure out which existing
translation they could use as a basis, it could be good to "recycle"
some existing translation files from another Openstack-related

Still, not being widely familiar with your galaxy of packages, I have
trouble figuring out which one would be good....that is, which one has
templates that are identical to those in murano or sahara.

If we can figure this out, then it would be nice to copy the PO files
from that "template" package to the two new ones, then run
"debconf-updatepo (which will "fuzzy" some strings) and then send a
call for translation updates.

Would you agree with that plan?


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