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recover website hit stats (and translations prioritization)

Hi everybody

We used to have website hit counts from some mirror, and they were used
for ordering the webpages with translation pending, so translators know
how to prioritize.

These stats were stored in DDE [1] which is dead since some time.

I am interested in getting the website hit stats back again (for
translation priorizitation, and other reasons).

Maybe we can push the stats file to another place an get it from there?


# This program is run from a crontab on a Debian website mirror like this:
# MAILTO="porridge@debian.org"
# # Atomically and concurrent-safely create a stats.tgz
# 18 3   *   *   *     cd "$HOME" && d=$(mktemp -d stats-wip-XXXXXXXXXX)
&& printf '{"hostname":"\%s"}' $(hostname -f) > "$d/stats.meta.json" &&
./get-www-stats > "$d/stats.json" && tar zcf stats-wip.tgz "$d" && rm
-rf "$d" && mv stats-wip.tgz stats.tgz
# And the output is transferred to dde.debian.net like this:
# MAILTO="porridge@debian.org"
# # Atomically transfer stats and replace them.
# 18 4   *   *   *     cd $HOME && { [ ! -e stats-old ] ||
please_cleanup_failed_run ; } && cp -al stats-new stats-old && ln -s
stats-old stats-old.s && mv -T stats-old.s stats && { scp -q -i
.ssh/stats-transfer-nopass senfl.debian.org:stats.tgz stats.tgz ||
scp_failed ; } && rm -rf stats-new && mkdir stats-new && tar zxf
stats.tgz -C stats-new --strip-components=1 && rm stats.tgz && ln -s
stats-new stats-new.s && mv -T stats-new.s stats && rm -rf stats-old
# The output is then exported via DDE (see https://wiki.debian.org/DDE)
and used
# by the stattrans.pl script to sort the page lists in the Debian web site
# translation statistics pages.

So, what I need to know is:

1.- In which mirror is stored that cron job? (or should be stored)
2.- In order to modify the cron job, who do I need to talk to?
3.- Where should the cron job copy the stats file to?

After that, I can try to submit a patch against stattrans.pl so it gets
the file from the new location instead from DDE.

If you think it's better to keep using DDE, I can request the adoption
of the service (and ask DSA to host it, or host in my machine).

Laura Arjona

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