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Status of D-I translations...

> Thanks for your work on console-setup. Was a call for translations
> issued? It seems git only has a very tiny number of updated
> translations:

No, no call for translations.

I actually rely on translators who want D-I to be fully translated to
follow its status through the status pages

It means that we're indeed left with about only 10 languages that
happen to be complete -> those where translators act on their own and
know what to do to get a fully translated D-I.

For others, most of the time, the registered person with commit access
either vanished or doesn't care anymore for D-I to be fully

The main "problem" here is that, each time such call for translation
is posted for D-I, I end up with dozens of mails basically all
requesting "what should I do for my XXX language to be complete?". I
then explain all things that are explained in D-I l10n documentation,
hold the hands of the prospective person, get the updates and
then.....the person vanishes until the next update.

That's a bit tiring and demotivating when one has much less time for
all these activities than I had in the past (other activities and
passions have taken over the Debian work as many know).

PS: I just did an upload with 5 extr more translations, those you
point in your original mail.

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