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website stats for translations (hitcounts)

Hi all

(I'm subscribed, no need to CC me).

Since several months ago, translators of the website have no hitcount statistics to guide the priority of translations (files with pending translation work are ordered alphabetically now).

AFAIK the script here


parses Apache logs and produce a json file, which was posted to DDE, where it was gotten by stattrans.pl to generate the statistics.

But DDE is down and it seems it's not being to be up again (see https://wiki.debian.org/DDE ).

Would it be possible to use other machine for the role that previously had DDE, and then, get back the hitcount statistics?

If you prefer me to open a bug report please could you say against which package exactly (I'm not sure if this is a www, l10n-devel or sysadmin topic...)


Laura Arjona

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