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heads up - Tux Paint translation

Hi fellow Debian translators, 

Tux Paint is preparing a new version (5 years since last version) and we are looking for new translators.

The following languages are already complete and does therefore not need help: 

program (294 strings): hy, ca, da, fr, gu, ja, pt,
stamps (813 strings): hy, ca, da, fr, gu, ja, pt,
config (145 strings): ar, ca, hi, ja, son, 
website (1.208 strings): fr_FR, da, 

We have made a semi-freeze for the new version, meaning new strings in tuxpaint-config will be added later to facilitate the new features (onscreen keyboard, keymouse, mouse-accessibility, joystick...), but translations to the existing version of tuxpaint-config is also appreciated.

The stats can be found here:
(Please translate from the top, as the files are shown in prioritized: program, stamps, config, website). And notice that the pot-file is not complete (missing a few strings). Contact us if you want to start a translation for a language not already created, or if you now how, create the pot file your self. An update will be made on the stats pages Sunday or at the beginning of next week.

And the cvs archive here with the latest files:

Please announce your translation effort on the mailing list: tuxpaint-i18n@lists.sourceforge.net

Starting translation program - it
Starting translation program, stamps, config, website - it 

and send your work to the same address

Italian update program
Italian update stamps

Tux Paint (http://www.tuxpaint.org/) is er very popular drawing program for children (and therefore depending of good and many translations). And we would therefore very much like to see a lot of languages for the program in the new version in Jessie.

In an effort to get as high translation stats as possible, other translations groups beside Debian will also be contacted. Please make your reservations before Monday (or your translations :o) ), so we avoid duplicate work or reservations. I'll will maintain a spreadsheet with reservations/stats for complete translation until we reach the release date (unknown at the moment).


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