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Re: Bug#696353: debian-i18n: wheezy install missing some locales

Quoting Leonardo Boselli (leo@dicea.unifi.it):
> Package: debian-i18n
> Severity: normal
> Tags: l10n
> installing wheezy i fount a ca.IT locale , used only in a couple of small town,
> mostly by elder people, while i did not found neither de.IT (about 600000 people) nor
> sl.IT (about 50000 people) both with official recognition.


Thanskf ro your care reporting this.

There are gazillion of such cases in the world.

This is not specific to Debian. Locales are shipped by the glibc, so
if you want some new locales, you need to have them added to the glibc

It is certainly a shame that nobody cared to write a locale for people
living in Süd-Tyrol and speaking German in that part of Italy. The
same stands for the Slovene "minority" in Friul-Venezia Giulia. Sure.

I think that people who want such locale....just need to write
it. Just as the Catalan-speaking community cared to write a locale for
their language not only for Spain, but also for Andorra, France and
even the small towns in Sardinia where a variant of Catalan is spoken
by elder people, as you write.

Welcome to the nice word of locales where "exotic" locales exist only
because someone cares about them..:-).

My recommendation would then be simple: if you happen to speak either
German and Slovenian and living in Italy (which, I guess, is true from
you mail address), just write these locales. This is quite easy to do
by combuining the de_DE and it_IT locales, or the sl_SI and it_IT
locales. Indeed, this is what *I* did to create the ca_FR locale even
if I don't speak a word of Catalan..:-)

So, well, even if you *don't* speak German or Slovene, you can do
it. It's just a game of opening two text files, understanding them and
merging them into a new one..:-)

I will close this bug report as, imho, reassigning it to the package
it pertains to (eglibc) will not lead anywhere, as I don't foresee the
eglibc maintainer, nor his upstream, writing the requested locales.

But, thanks anyway for opening it as it gives me an opportunity to
explain this to people in Debian i18n community who do not really know
how locales are working...

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