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Re: Request to activate Galician language for the Debian website

O Domingo 04 Novembro 2012 21:27:46 David Prévot escribiu:
> Hi,
> Le 04/11/2012 15:15, Jorge Barreiro a écrit :
> > I sent a request to activate the Galician language in the Debian website
> > to webmaster@debian.org more than a week ago, as requested in:
> > http://www.debian.org/devel/website/translating, but I got no response so
> > far.
> webmater@d.o is the accurate contact point, sorry nobody replied sooner.
> Do send there (to webmater@d.o) your (compressed) working galician
> directory so people can check what you've prepared is working.
> Regards
> David

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll send there my initial work. If I get no 
response I think I'll post on the debian-www list, which seems more suited for 


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