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Re: Compendia generation

Quoting Slavko (linux@slavino.sk):
> Hi all,
> I was interested in your opinions about compendia generation. Until now
> i got only two mails (out of this ML) and only one vote in prepared
> poll (http://slavino.sk/debian-kompendium). The poll is opened until
> 31. august 2012.
> Please, nobody want to post or vote your opinion in this?

Hmmm, sorry, your mail came in a moment where I had other priorities,
then I forgot to put it in my TODO list.

After quickly going through your mail again (thanks for the *detailed*
explanations, I know by epxerience how much time it takes to write
such summary mails....and how frustrating it is to not get much

How about generating *all* kinds of compendia? This way, you don't
have to choose: users have..:-). Size and/or CPU is not a big problem:
that's what servers are built for..:-)

As a user of compendia (I download them daily and use them in
Lokalize), I have no strong opinion about which flavour would be the
most useful for me and I would probably need to try each of
them.....so the best option seems to just generate all of them..:-)

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