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Bug#686037: Out of date debconf translation

Package: gdm3
Version: 3.4.1-2
Severity: normal
Tags: l10n


In gdm3-3.4.1/debian/README.source, one can read:

   Translation of the Debconf templates

   A note to translators about the debconf templates -- translations
   should be sent to the xdm package.  I don't use gettext-based
   templates in the source, because I sync to the ones in the xdm
   package, and don't have any that are not shared.

But actually, gdm seems to be translated in only 17 languages, while xdm
seems to be translated in 26 languages, including some that are aiming
to provide 100% translated debconf screen for Wheezy.

$ grep Description- gdm3-3.4.1/debian/*templates* | wc
     17      76    1134
$ ls xdm-1.1.11/debian/po/*.po | wc
     26      26     708

Is there any way you could update this (translations update are still
granted unblock during the freeze), and eventually consider an
automatized way to update them in the future (or eventually not bringing
this kind of error prone specificity, by simply copying the actual PO

Thanks in advance



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