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Re: Exploring the possibility of an l10n upload of xfsdump to fix pending l10n bugs

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your quick answer.

Le 31/07/2012 19:40, Nathan Scott a écrit :
> On 30 July 2012 06:45, David Prévot <david@tilapin.org> wrote:

> I tried merging the .po file into the build, but it causes a build failure...
> any ideas what this might be caused by?
>     [MSGFMT] de.mo
> /usr/bin/msgfmt -c --statistics -o de.mo de.po
> de.po:24:13: invalid multibyte sequence
> /usr/bin/msgfmt: too many errors, aborting
> make[2]: *** [de.mo] Error 1
> make[1]: *** [po] Error 2
> make: *** [default] Error 2

Looks like the BTS has again broken an UTF-8 file (#666202)…

$ file de.po
de.po: GNU gettext message catalogue, ISO-8859 text

Indeed, let's fix it quickly:

$ iconv -f latin1 de.po | sponge de.po
$ file *.po
de.po: GNU gettext message catalogue, UTF-8 Unicode text
$ LANG=C msgfmt -vvc -o /dev/null de.po
de.po: 764 translated messages.

That's better, included gunzipped so it shouldn't be broken again. The
initial translator, Chris, CCed, may be happy to update the file if the
original changed since he filled that bug report.

>> Of course, an upload made by you would even be better...:-)
> Happy to do that


> (as well as get this merged upstream where it should live)

Even better \o/, thanks a lot!



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