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Re: [Openstack-devel] Bug#679295: Intent to NMU keystone to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Thomas Goirand (thomas@goirand.fr):

> You can actually NMU, I never wrote you shouldn't. I only wrote that you
> should use our Git, which should be the only authoritative repository to
> reduce the risks that some translations gets forgotten in the
> translation war. So if you really wanted to speed-up, the only thing you
> had to do was build and upload (or you can call it sponsor the upload as
> well! :)). So let me reinstance my proposal: do you wish to have write
> access to our Git?

This is not exactly how I see an NMU. In an NMU, the NMUer doesn't
really *have* to cope with the VCS practices of the
maintainer(s). Imagine: I could very well be reluctant to use git...or
ignorant about it (and not wanting to learn about it just for an NMU),

The real NMU I would have done would have been the exact way it is
recommended by the Policy: start from the package in the archive,
apply the changes I intend to have incorporated, then send the NMU
patch to the maintainer and build the package the way.....I want to
build the package. Then upload (to DELAYED/<foo>)

Building from your GIT repo would mean that I take responsibility for
other changes that could be pending  there....not to mention that I
have to learn about *your* way to use git.

In any case, this didn't have to happen as you uploaded (and I think
it's a much better way to fix things....I'm really sorry that you felt
pressured about this upload but, when it comes at stuff I care about,
it was time to do it).

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