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l10n upload of emdebian-grip

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Hi Neil, and the i18n list,

Le 02/05/2012 17:04, Neil Williams a écrit :
> On Wed, 2 May 2012 16:05:47 -0400
> "David Prévot" <taffit@debian.org> wrote:
>>> There are changes going on in this package which could result in large
>>> portions of the package being dropped.
>> Is there an ETA? Are these changes likely to make it before Wheezy being
>> frozen?
> Everything depends on what happens with ftp-master and the ongoing
> plans for integration but I certainly aim to get it into wheezy which
> means getting uploads into unstable and migrated into testing before the
> freeze

Since no upload actually happened, would you please consider an
translation-only upload in order to fix the current status? I'd be happy
to perform the call for translation beforehand, in order to make sure
other translations can be updated in time for this upload (and in order
to hand you already checked translations).

>> I […] would really prefer if the next Debian stable doesn't
>> ship an incomplete translation for its ~three years lifetime. If no 
> A complete translation is not the aim of the package - a working
> package is a higher priority, a useful package in stable.

Since the package is now unlikely to change in the upcoming stable
release, we (a collective “we”, including the people doing the
translation work, and the non-native English users for who we are all
actually working) would now aim for complete translated documentation.

If the package actually change in the current testing, I'd be happy to
adapt our translation and what I just said previously to the new version
of this package.

> However, I think you're too keen on fixing translations purely for the
> sake of some stats. There are a lot of other packages which have a much
> higher number of users to work on first before this quiet corner of
> Debian.

Thanks for caring about the way I spend my time in Debian, but we're
actually on the process of hunting the very last bits of missing
localization, and you're the last package maintainer who is holding us
to achieve this goal for the French translation in Wheezy [po4a-fr]:
aptitude (already fixed in experimental, should be fixed soon for
Wheezy), debianutils (just uploaded), debian-faq (waiting in BYHAND for
over four months), debhelper and schroot (WIP: already in contact with
the respective maintainers) are already worked on, but multistrap,
emdebian-grip, emdebian-crush and ladder are stalled for now.

	[po4a-fr] http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po4a/fr



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