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Re: Please update d-i manual translations for Wheezy

On Vi, 20 iul 12, 09:31:19, Holger Wansing wrote:
> Hello all,
> [You received this mail, because you did uploads of translations for
> the d-i manual between 2008 and now.
> Names and mail addresses were taken from your Alioth profile.]


Eddy Petrișor for Romanian hasn't been active for quite some time.

Do you have some stats for Romanian handy? If it's just a few strings I 
could do it, otherwise I'd rather conserve my energy to keep d-i in 
shape and update the Release Notes (when the time will come).
Kind regards,
P.S. you might want to CC the relevant -l10n-<language> as well for such 
inquiries, translators are not required to follow -i18n and coordinators 
may be MIA.
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