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Re: [Debian-l10n-devel] DDTP new machine update

Quoting Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel@ftbfs.de):

> >    Do we have a solution for that problem yet? Or at least could someone
> >    with permissions login to dukas and install the needed packages by
> >    hand? I promise not to run the old scripts anymore...
> as i told you all during the i18n meeting: please provide patches to the
> debian.org-i18n.d.o/debian.org-l10n.d.o meta-package, we are going to
> install those then.

OK, Martijn already sent the needed "git format-patch" but, I'd like
to confirm for a possible next time: would a reaquest for you guys
(DSA)  to pull changes for debian-l10n git be enough or is it
preferrable for us to send the patch?

I guess the result isprobably the same but you may have a preferred

Also, how should the patch and/or pull request be sent? Simple mail to
debian-admin or ticket in RT?

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