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Re: Tagging of package description bugs

The Red Eminence wrote:
Quoting Martin Eberhard Schauer (Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de):

I wonder whether some bug reports regarding package descriptions with
severities beyond "typo" (hard to understand, bloated, unexplained
abbreviations) should be tagged with i18n, l10n or some new tag.
I think that most can be considered as l10n to English, so an l10n tag
makes sense to me.
I had a look at other peoples' bug reports and I found a wonderful

$(package): package description review <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=681450>

For the time with the DDTSS remaining in its current state I'm
severely tempted to do the following for some of my bug reports:

 - change the subject as above,
 - tag them l10n,
 - tag them patch when my initial rewording proposal has been



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