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Re: Coordination pages and localization material moved from i18n.debian.net to {i18n|l10n}.debian.org

On Sb, 14 iul 12, 14:09:41, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> As a first step for the move to DSA (Debian System Administrators)
> machines for i18n/l10n in Debian, I moved some  services from
> i18n.debian.net to the new l10n.debian.org machines.
> Since a few days, the status pages (for instance
> http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/sv) point to
> material on i18n.debian.org


> Also, the coordination pages (that were indeed not linked from
> anywhere on the official Debian website, except in very few places)
> can be reached at:
> http://l10n.debian.org/coordination/<langname>
> For instance: http://l10n.debian.org/coordination/spanish/

That URL gives a directory listing of html files. Something missing?
> Given the quite loose coordination we had up to now, it is VERY likely
> that some links are broken (particularly in wiki pages). Please fix
> them as you find them...or report them, if they're on the website.

The "As documented _here_,..." link points to .net. I've just sent a 
request to join the debian-l10n alioth project, so I could fix small 
stuff like this ;)

Kind regards,
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