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Re: Call for help (was: Announce of an upcoming upload for the cwidget package)

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Le 02/06/2012 00:37, Daniel Hartwig a écrit :
> David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> wrote:

> Daniel Burrows did some work on this.  You will find three commits
> from 2011 in the upstream repository[1]

Oh thanks, I only looked into the debian one (Vcs-Git).

> all concerning the gettext
> infrastructure.  This one[2] in particular seems to make effective the
> textdomain and is simple enough to clean up (as probably needed) and
> incorporate in the NMU.

Using the appropriate domain name (i.e. s/cwidget/libcwidget3/ in i18n.h
in order to get “#define CWIDGET_DOMAIN "libcwidget3") does the trick,
thanks again!

> These updates being unreleased for over a year suggests a lack of
> testing.  Also, the textdomain is bound to a value hardcoded i18n.h
> which should rather be determined by configure.

That would indeed be prettier. I'm not an Autotools wizard at all, and
doubt I will be able to propose a proper patch myself for that though.

>> I've put on hold my NMU intent [...] but am still ready
>> to prepare all the needed translations once this issue will be addressed
>> (not only for the 5 languages already ready in the BTS, but also for the
>> 35 others languages currently available in aptitude).
> Might I suggest the initial NMU focus on getting the textdomain bound
> correctly and the 5 languages on the BTS.

Agreed: I'm willing to prepare an NMU now and send it to DELAYED-4
(rationale: freeze is soonish, this NMU has been announced a fair amount
of time already without any opposition from the maintainer), and get as
much other translations as possible in the next two weeks in order to
send another NMU once this one reaches testing.

> There is also a recently patched issue with widechar prompts[3] that
> should also be included.
> [3] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=316939

Thanks, I'll include it too.

> Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
>> Indeed, David, the translations for Yes/No  (and maybe even others)
>> could be picked from newt, that has about the same widgets....
> Such translations should be compared to those currently present in
> aptitude.  It does not have "yes" used in widget context, but does
> have at least "Ok", "Cancel".

I already amended the French translation in that regard, and will double
check other translations before the upload.

> This is a top issue, I will investigate further during the week.

I'll prepare everything I can, and send an nmudiff to the bug report
today unless something else pops up, but am totally fine if you prefer
to upload it yourself, eventually with more proper fixes (just say the
word, I'm also available on IRC).



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