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[D-I] Changes to a few strings in Debian Installer

Sorry, folks, I just broke the 100% stgats for many languages by
committing a few changes to some packages in D-I:

- adding the Australian state of "Victoria" to the list of timezones
for Australie (#660959)
- adding the Sindhi keymap to the list of keymaps proposed by
console-setup as this language is currently in the D-I New Language
- while I was at it, correct two longstanding errors in the list of
  - "Slovakian" has been rewritten as "Slovak"
  - "Slovene" has been rewritten as "Slovenian"
  Both were indeed spelling errors in English

Fixing all this should be really easy for Debian Installer
translators. Please wait for a few hours before updated master PO
files are available, then you can start updating your translations.


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