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(forw) [Translate-devel] Survey about the usability of Virtaal

You might want to take part to this, particularly if you're using
Virtaal to work on translations. Sometimes, we get requests from
people who are doing "surveys" or such things, that aren't really
serious (or that are trying to get people doing their school work).

Here, the request coming from Friedel Wolff gives a really good
credit. Please think about participating...maybe actually even if not
using Virtall but at least if you tried it at some point.

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Hallo everybody

A student at the University of Mainz in Germany, Almana Mukabenova, is
doing some research on the usability of Virtaal. She prepared a
questionnaire for the purposes of her master's thesis:


I'm very interested to see what comes out of this, and want to encourage
all users of Virtaal (past and present, serious and casual) to take part
if they can.

Keep well

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