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Re: i18n.debian.net is back (and so it the DDTP|DDTSS)

Martin Bagge / brother a écrit :

There are no restrictions for ports or anything. We are our own ISP
inside SUNET.

I won't hurry with a reinstall at this moment but if we want to use it
somehow I guess that would be the best anyway.
(it is running Squeeze and has only served as a mirror server so it is
pretty minimal as is).

Thanks for your answer, Martin.

I suggest you keep the machine ready. As of now, we have two options if we can get our hands back on churro:
- transfer it to your machine
- transfer it to the i18n.debian.org prepared last summer by Felipe.

The first option has my preference as it avoids polluting a machine that was ready for DSA administration.

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