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Re: i18n.debian.net is back (and so it the DDTP|DDTSS)


> Because it takes a longer time to move current services in a way that
> fits the policy used by DSA. The alternative hosting is meant to be a
> temporary solution. I just fear that "temporary" might be longer than
> expected : i18n.debian.org was nearly ready by August 2011, then life
> sucked for the involved people (mostly Felipe and Nicolas) and the
> effort got stuck.

I wonder how long this temporary solution might survive.  Half a year
ago there was a longish discussion on the i18n mailing list starting
here[1].  I somehow assumed that ddtp is some critical service for
Debian and we are finally relying even more on valid translations since
LANG=en became a "Translation" status[2] the service became even more
> So, "just" moving the current machine (or its content) exactly as it
> is organized by now might be a much faster option as it only requires
> dumping a disk into another one, or even hooking up the existing disk
> in the new machine in the new location.

Is there any specification what *exactly* is required by DSA.  I might
consider to spend some time into this because currently my workflow to
inject translations into UDD is totally broken.

> > Shouldn't we rather be looking for ways to get churro reachable by DSA 
> > so they can perform the migration?
> This is what Felipe was involved into (hint: Felipe *is* already part
> fot he DSA nebula, if I'm correct)

It would be really cool to have a status update about the migration

Kind regards and greetings from Debian Med sprint in Southport


PS: CC in responses would be nice.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2011/08/msg00150.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/11/msg00103.html


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