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Re: i18n.debian.net is back (and so it the DDTP|DDTSS)

Quoting Takahide Nojima (nozzy123nozzy@gmail.com):

> > Looks like ddtp.debian.net is not responding again?
> > 
> Me too. Web server of ddtp.debian.net is still not responding at 24th
> Jun 00:11:31 utc.
> Ping to ddtp.debian.net is ok, but web server is not responding.

Confirmed. And, sadly, there's nearly nothing we can do but wait for
news from Spain.

I know this is not a good situation but, as of now, we don't really
have good backup solution.

If we could find someonewanting to host a machine and eventually
donate one, we could imagine getting churro's disks to that person and
rebuild the service with it: new machine, new hosting...but still the
old content.

However, for this to happen, it would be good to have a precise idea
of what happened last time churro was down...as well as this time :
hardware failure or firewall changes. Being able to ping but not SSH
suggests a firewall issue.

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