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Yet another spam from bubulle: please complete Debian Installer translations

Hello folks,

I just completed a full round of spam^W kind reminders to Debian
Installer translators (and teams listed in Language-Team) who have
incomplete translations for D-I.

In case some of you don't read my boring blog posts, here is a summary
of statistics as of now for level 1 (core D-I):

19 languages 100%: cs de eo es fr it ja kk mr nb nl pl pt ru sk sv th uk zh_CN
9 languages 99%: bg bs fa gu hi ko si ta te
1 language 97%: eu
2 languages 96%: he sr
5 languages 95%: ar be bn dz tr
4 languages 94%: ast ga id ro
5 languages 93%: el hu is km lo
1 language 92%: sl
4 languages 91%: et pa vi zh_TW
others are 90% or below

If your language is listed there, and you want to help and you're not
the usual translator, please get in touch with me. It mimght happen
that the current translator became unresponsive and we need someone

For several languages, I consider that I have waited enough now and
I'm ready to unilaterally "replace" translators if some are too

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