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[DDTSS]: problems: new zombi package and package fetched but not found

1) we have another zombi package:

this (as the other zombi package whysynth):
* cannot be approved: can be 3, 4, 5 review, but it is always in the "Reviewed by you"/"Pending review" list * when it reach 3 review each X second its name is written in the "Recently translated" list, so you have 20 elements with sword-comm-tdavid name recently translated

2) I have fetched a new package for translation and have had the following messages:

- 1st page: Fetched libpamamklocal successfully
- 2nd page: something like this: Fetching libpamamklocal please wait...
- 3th page: Package libpamamklocal not found

interesting! :-(


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