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Advice on bootstrapping l10n for gayo language

Hi translation people,

I am in touch with computer enthusiasts in the Aceh region of 
Indonesia, and will [visit] them for a few weeks in december.

They are interested in creating a Debian Pure Blend for their local 
community - the [Gayo] people.  One part of that is to localize for 
their native language - and that's my reason for contacting you:

It seems gayo has an official language code [gay], but that locale is 
not represented in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED or other places I randomly 
looked.  So I suspect that I have a case which does not need definition 
but does need recognition fundamentally in the system.

What is your experiences in bootstrapping "new" languages?  Do you 
perhaps even have - or know about - some nice HOWTO on that?

...or would you perhaps recommend against attempting such a challenge 
for a small community of 200k-500k persons?

NB! Please cc me on responses - I am not subscribed to this list.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

[visit]: http://wiki.jones.dk/DebianAsia2011

[gayo]: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Gayo_language

[gay]: http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=gay

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